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Humanized Decorativism

Gabriels / Villalta Marzi

If one identifies their common constant – Kindchenschema – pieces of neo-pop art are reordered in a consequentiality which reflects the infinite phenomenal incarnations of commodities. Each neo-pop piece shows in itself the humanity which inhabits the commodified world, so each is the ever-changing border of its own action, the boundary of a world within which humanity stretches its limits (as in the famous Adolf Loos essay “Ornament and Crime”). But cuteness does not always depend on Kindchenschema, it depends, more abstractly, on a decorative factor connected with personification. This exhibition presents artworks with Kindchenschema, Gabriels, and artworks without, Villalta Marzi, interconnected by these factors. Moreover, fetishistic elements are in both, though apparently present, super–human (Villalta Marzi) and sub–human (Gabriels) organic forms.

Giancarlo Carpi, curator

The exhibition is part of the project European Cuteness Art, and is linked with the main exhibition at the Sofia Arsenal Museum of Contemporary Art.